It's 11:30 pm on a Tuesday in my dorm room and I felt the need to write this out. I had a pretty good day with many happy feelings, but right now these are the ones I'm feeling most.
  1. My legs are hot because I'm wearing jeans under my covers
  2. Stressed out because I put off all my studying and my bio test is in two days over hard stuff that I tried reading about tonight but couldn't focus on
  3. Emotional because I've been reading Hannah Hart's new book 'Buffering' and it's making me feel things
  4. Also emotional because I miss my family since I'm at college and it doesn't feel right to be missing everything in their lives
  5. Tired/ headache-y because I didn't eat a good dinner, I just ate hot cheetos and cashews
  6. Dirty because I haven't showered in a few days (I will tonight though!)
  7. Sad in my chest because of everything I'm feeling combined