1. "ActionBasterd"
    His screen name. With the misspelling. Met at a coffee shop. He was very weird. Wore a weird Hawaiian shirt. He wasn't right behind me when I left so I just went to my car without saying goodbye. He later messaged me to tell me "I made it weird." YA OK.
  2. "Boring guy"
    Oh man he was so boring. Didn't laugh at any of my jokes because he is too boring to have a sense of humor. I listened to him tell a 15 minute story about his trip to Singapore. Not anything about his stay, but literally what flights and how long it took to get there. 😑
  3. "Bicycle guy"
    One of my first dates I think. I was really really sweaty. He was more sweaty because he rode his bike to the bar.
  4. "My bad"
    This one was on me. The guy kept saying things that reminded me of my dad, so I kept saying that. At the end, I thought, "I think I talked about my dad too much."
  5. "Prom"
    A guy asked me to prom on AIM, then asked if he had to pay for my ticket. I felt bad so I got the cheapest thing at the restaurant and danced with a different guy friend all night because it was too awkward.
  6. "Deceptive good date"
    Had 2 really great, fun dates. Ghosted me after the 2nd bc he's a dickhead, presumably.