1. I rarely shave my legs.
    I'm super blonde so you can't see my leg hair. That's what I tell myself.
  2. I like to have my nails painted.
    But I don't care to spend the time or $ on it most of the time.
  3. I had super short hair as a little girl.
  4. I keep my hair long now.
    It's very straight and I do nothing but wash and brush it. I feel like my long blonde hair makes me feminine.
  5. I ALWAYS wear earrings. And 3 rings. And a watch.
    Occasionally a necklace.
  6. I NEVER wear heels. I'm a teacher so I'm constantly on my feet. I live in birkenstock sandals.
    One time I wore heels in a friend's wedding and the balls of my feet fell asleep. I almost fell walking down the aisle. UH no thank you.
  7. I love makeup. The least amount of makeup I will wear is mascara and brows.
    But the most includes 7 diff eye shadows, liquid liner, foundation, contour, the works.
  8. I've recently started wearing bright colored lipstick and am obsessed.
  9. I don't really think about being feminine when I get dressed or buy clothes. I wear a lot of black.
  10. I like to cook, and I'm good at it.
    I feel like this makes me feel feminine. Not that I can cook for a man, but that I can feed people and make them happy.
  11. I love kids. And babies.
    I feel very maternal towards all kids. Must help them all.
  12. I want to get married and have kids eventually but I feel like I'm not good at starting relationships so that might not happen for a while.
    I've been on lots of first and second dates....
  13. I have huge boobs and big hips. I'm a bigger girl but I still have a curvy, hourglass shape.
    I feel like 85% of the time, I ❤️ my body. And the other 15%, I hate it more than anything.
  14. To me, being feminine means being smart.
    Working on my masters degree currently.
  15. To me, being feminine is being independent.
    Bought my own house last year.
  16. I was very much raised without any notion that my place in the world was next to (or behind) a man.
  17. To me, femininity is being a strong, badass woman.
    Got it from my mama.