10 reasons Empatt is the bestest

  1. NO ONE does Insta captions better than @emilypatterson
    #midtermsareabeach #swanlakeorangrybirds
  2. I'm pretty weird and annoying and for some reason Emily still loves me.
  3. Emily is Queen of the candid photo. 👑 Seriously, she always looks like this.
  4. Emily is the most dedicated to being a good friend out of anyone I know. Whether it's something small like commenting on your Insta photo or meeting you at Cool Beans to study or something big like giving you solid life advice or cheering you up when your down, Emily always makes an effort to be there for you.
  5. When Emily loves someone (family, girlfriends, boyfriend, etc.) her face lights up when she talks about them. I love watching her laugh at snapchats from her sisters, which she will of course show you like a proud grandma pulling a photo out of her wallet. (P.S shoutout to Parker because it takes a special dude to date this goddess)
  6. SHE'S FREAKIN SMART. Emily always has top quality flashcards, study guides, and is the kind of person who goes above and beyond what's required for class. #4.0
  7. Emily thinks I'm good at ballet, which is hilarious because there is literally nothing she is not capable of in the dance studio.
  8. Her "passion face"> Sara Mearn's "passion face".
  9. Did you know the character Ariel is actually based off of Emily Patterson? Well, it is. Enjoy this gif of Em and Parker.
  10. In conclusion, she is clearly the bestest friend a girl could ask for.