Because I'm going for my tenth time next weekend and still haven't done these things 🙃 (if there's an X by it, I've already been there and am returning because I'm a creature of habit).
  1. History Colorado Center
  2. Chamberlain Observatory
  3. Denver Art Museum
  4. Capitol Hill Books
  5. Colorado State Capitol
  6. Little Man's Ice cream
  7. The Source
  8. RED ROCKS x
  9. Tattered Cover x
  10. Rocky Mountain National Park
  11. Boulder Bookstore x
  12. Green Russel/Larimer Square
  13. The Shining Hotel
  14. City Park
  15. Snooze
  16. Museo de las Americas
  17. Western African American History Museum
  18. Los Chigones
  19. Coffee at the Point
  20. 16th Street!!! X