i was going to write an essay on this but i figured making a list would be less stressful
  1. none of the "female" characters are actually human beings
  2. at least an entire 30 seconds, maybe more, was devoted to explaining that the main female robot "Ava" has a sex function. mind you this had 0% to do with the plot other than to feed into the young male protagonist's fantasies and also all of the other sad 20 something year old boys watching this film
  3. in appearance, the female robots in the film are highly idealized due to the fact they were created by a man, essentially for men
  4. Ava's appearance was created by the douche who made the robots based upon the main male protagonist's porn searches
  5. lots female nudity and naked ass female bodies in the most idealized appearance
  6. the female character robots end up being manipulative and cruel, like how any pathetic dudebro perceives real women
  7. basically reinforces the archaic ideology found in old pieces of religious literature and art that "women are the root of all evil"
  8. honestly what year is this
  9. how are there still movies being made with this sort of hatred towards women
  10. why do robots need a gender or a sex function. they don't. they're a fucking robot