thank you for making me do this @treymtownsend . i love tolkien's universe way more than is socially acceptable and here are my top 10 fave characters. honorable mentions: Fíli, Boromir, Elrond, Haldir, and Bard
  1. 10. Samwise Gamgee
    frodo would have been dead like 5 minutes after he tried to escape off by himself if sam had not been there to catch him and insist on going with him, further proving along in the story to be the more reasonable of the two. sam is the real hero i think
  2. 9. Éowyn
    a great, well-rounded character. honestly thought she was the best choice for aragorn if he had to be straight. if i recall correctly viggo mortensen actually agrees with that. anyways her role in the battle of gondor is memorable and will always be a classic moment
  3. 8. Faramir
    a precious dandelion. honestly boromir is like a classic favorite of everyone because he is So Complex but honestly i find faramir to be just as complex and far more likable. not that i don't like boromir. i just think faramir deserves more credit
  4. 7. Thorin Oakenshield
    this son of bitch was literally useless throughout the entire hobbit trilogy but i loved watching him. it's like he was unintentional comic relief for me. richard armitage did do a good job and has a fantastic voice. i was also impressed with his character design. and (SPOILERS) his death scene was really good In My Humble Opinion
  5. 6. Legolas Greenleaf
    a graceful little leaf. definitely the most under-developed character as a member of the fellowship but his fighting scenes are so refreshing. it's like, "yes. that is what is supposed to happen." def the prettiest character in LOTR. while i didn't like him as much in the hobbit movies, i was v happy with his inclusion in the film because he would have been at his home in the woodland realm during that time
  6. 5. Bilbo Baggins
    honestly no one could have executed this role as well as martin freeman did. his mannerisms and expression were perfect for his characterization. he really made the films something that kept your attention
  7. 4. Aragorn
    my brave, endearing little sunflower. viggo mortonson just really did it for me. i really do not think anyone else could have characterized aragorn this well. "Not all men-" you are absolutely right because aragorn, son of arathorn, would never do whatever given stupid action all men get accused of doing
  8. 3. Galadriel
    there are a lot of elves in these movies but cate blanchett really radiates an otherworldly vibe in this role and provides the image of sort an ethereal being as elves are described in tolkien's writings. also galadriel is very cool and powerful and is my queen
  9. 2. Gandalf
    the majestic grandfather we have always wanted brought to life flawlessly by Ian McKellen. wise yet humble and down-to-earth, Gandalf is perhaps the most notable character throughout The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. thank u for keeping watch over middle earth ✌🏼️
  10. 1. Thranduil
    ok to be honest this is the most beautiful man i have ever seen. like lee pace's symmetrical visage and tall stature was perfect to transform into the elvenking for the hobbit movies. like cate blanchett does for galadriel, i think lee pace really sets the standard for the kind of breathtaking aesthetics that elves have. he is a pretty big jerk in these films though. but i think that's fun. it kind of gives a hint of the attitude of elves that we see in the silmarillion