1. E.T.
    This was the first move that I consciously remember crying in. I must have been in the third grade. All I honestly remember is that girl's red hood and *SPOILER ALERT* ET slowly dying in all his sadness and kindness and wrinkles. Yeah... I should probably revisit this movie.
  2. Step Up Revolution (4)
    Honestly, it's not a movie thing, rather a personal empathizing moment kind of thing, but I totally cried watching just the trailer. There's always something about seeing PASSIONATE people who were once unbelieved in/underdogs rising up to their destiny that makes me cry every time. Plus, dancing! It's so beautiful 😭
  3. My Sister's Keeper
    Watched this one with my cousin Michelle on her laptop. I just remember going through a whole roll of toilet paper, and having to literally take like consistent five min breaks throughout the film to bawl our eyes out and to blow our noses. Random side note: I think it was around the day that we both got accepted into colleges too. We both got lameo but exciting virtual acceptance videos. Hers from NYU and mine from Cal Poly SLO.
  4. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
    Dude... DUDE!! Seeing passionate old people is so refreshing and convicting! Frick, the fact that this man was then 80 something years old and still working his job making sushi simply because he loves it floored me. I would tear up a bit every time he would say something like... Why would I quit something that I love to do? *insert waterfall tears here. I ❤️ u Jiro.