Epilepsy and Seizure disorders are much more common than the public is ever made aware. Yet few know what to do to help, and many think of the wrong ways to help. Here are key tips.
  1. Stay calm.
    Most people are able to recover from seizures. It doesn't draw all to death, even though it could when extremely severe. The best thing to do is stay calm yourself.
  2. DO NOT put objects in the person's mouth.
    This is an old myth. Clenching of the teeth is normal during a seizure. Biting of the mouth and tongue often occurs. If anyone tries to prevent this, more medical damage is usually done to both the person having the seizure, and the person assisting. Our mouths also heal extremely quickly.
  3. Assist the person to a soft place, best on the floor.
    Away from sharp objects. If needed, use available pillows or clothing like coats, sweaters to pad the area around the person having convulsions.
  4. Call 911
    People who have seizures regularly usually ask their families to wait about 5 minutes to see if they come out of the seizure before calling for help. Whenever the person is not in a place where people know how to help them, it is best to call 911 immediately. This is especially true if a person has a seizure in a public place like a business, school, park, etc. The owners of the space are more protected if help is called immediately.
  5. Be aware there are multiple forms of seizures.
    The instructions above are mostly for Grand Mal, AKA Tonic Clonic Seizures. There are many other different types of seizures. Some come in forms of migraines. Some where people are unable to move or speak, but totally aware of things happening around them. And other symptoms. These are a touch less frightening to the public, but sometimes more difficult to them people who are subjects.
  6. Show respect.
    Do the person having a seizure a favor. They do not choose to have a condition which causes them to pass out and shake, sometimes even losing bladder control. They don't choose to look like they died, then reawaken. They are normal human beings. Talk to them like such, not like kids. They really don't need the stress in their life. Trust me, stress is a cause of seizures.