Documentaries I want to make 👌

you heard em here first. I'm serious about these, folks!
  1. Public bathroom psychology
    What the actual fuck goes through people's minds...and can we catch and shame the animals who leave without flushing...and worse?! Also, I think there is a link between bathroom deviants and high - powered, high-stress types...can we study this plz
  2. The Ajummas of Korea
    They are fascinating and we need to immortalize them as they are a (literally 😦) dying breed. Ajumma is the name for the old women of Korea. They are from an era of extreme poverty, war and oppression in South Korea, and they are fierce as fuck. They are inhumanely strong, in spite of their teeny, haunched bodies (from yrs of manual work, often in rice paddies), they throw a mean side eye, shove EVERYONE, and basically have a uniform of floral patterns and visors. And I'm obsessed with them.
  3. Mourning in the age of social media
    Another one I'm serious about. I've found it so fascinating and heartbreaking to observe how a person can pass away and leave behind their Facebook. Sadly, I myself have several friends that are deceased, but their Facebook lives on as a platform for memorializing them. It can even be a comfort to those who want to feel as though that can talk to person; reach them through this fragment of their persona past. Morbid, yes. But such an interesting aspect of social media.
  4. The quarter life crisis
    Haven't thought this one through totally...maybe because I'm in the throes of it myself and ya know, tough to look at this one objectively. But I do know that basically everyone I know is experiencing it in some shape or form, at that it seems to be a modern phenomenon since there is no more normal, no jobs, lots of debt and all bets are off with that roadmap someone promised us on the Disney channel way back when.