Games we played as kids that were incredibly dangerous and fun

growing up with tv-adverse, crunchyish parents, we found our own ways to keep busy. Like committing small-scale acts of torture and forever traumatizing babysitters, siblings and neighbors alike. But seriously, we had a blast.
  1. Bites
    Almost exclusively a car ride game...opponent has to stick pointer finger into open mouth of other player and attempt to pull it out before opponent chomps down. Near 100% fail rate. Pain. And also wtf were we feral?
  2. Hide and seek
    Not-your-average-hide-n-seekers...this version, played only with unsuspecting babysitters, involved highly unconventional and equally dangerous hiding dryers. Which your sibling shuts you in, and you spin...and feel the heat turn on. Or wooden chests that you get your pinky slammed in and lose a nail. Made me stronger?
  3. "3 Things"
    My sibling and I could combine ANY 3 ingredients in the kitchen and the opponent had to take at least one gulp. Think: orange juice, hot sauce and oh, idk, something incredibly dangerous like PEPPERMINT EXTRACT.
  4. Make ur own worm BBQ
    Okay so we never gave it an official name, but my brother and I definitely worked hard to start spontaneous mini bonfires behind the garage using foil, magnifying glasses and dry leaves. and then, god help us, we would try to cook earthworms...I promise neither of us are serial killers. 😓
  5. Feed the neighbor's dog root beer
    Self explanatory, he was a pug named coco and he seemed to enjoy it. Thankfully he lived a long happy life, no thanks to the idiot army of sticky-kid neighbors.
  6. Spit-boarding
    Also nameless until now, this game still haunts my inner child and makes me cringe. Whomever could wrestle the other to the ground first would sit on the loser, hold down their arms and legs and proceed to slowly, methodically, disgustingly release one ooey gooey strand(?) Of spit to escape their tyrannical mouth. Then, if they were feeling merciful, they'd suck it back up. That's right. But make no mistake, you will always end up with spit on your face. Close your mouth and pray. Good lord.
  7. Garage Tarzan
    Under the veil of tree limbs and just out of view of the kitchen window (aka supervision), we would climb onto the garage roof and use a definitely unreliable tree branch to swing wildly off, barely missing a rusty chain link fence. Tetanus shots were not wasted on us.
  8. Hot hands
    That game where you hold hands and slap each side as hard as you can and the first one to pull away is the loser. I never lost and I had a purple left hand for a good period of my youth. Why.
  9. Whack-a-beehive
    Every year a beehive would crop up under a crack in our neighbor's sidewalk. And a hoard of us youngins decided to do our duty and annihilate these threatening aggressors by relentlessly whacking the hive with hockey sticks. Not only did this antagonize and greatly heighten the danger, my sister got stitches near the eye from a wreckless, slap-happy neighborkid
  10. Ice balls
    Where I grew up, winter was serious business and you learned quick that in order to survive in the world, you needed a stock-pile of firmly packed snowballs hidden strategically throughout the yard. Also, a few iceballs in the back of the freezer (where mom wouldn't notice) would give you that slight upper hand. Stitches resulted.