lately all I have been doing it watching movies and TV and I don't really have a problem with it. currently I'm watching twilight zone and I'll update this with my favorite episodes often.
  1. One for the Angels
    This episode left a lasting impression on me for sure. This episode's twist actually left me with a warm fuzzy feeling, so if you aren't sure where this one is headed, hold on for a bit.
  2. Walking Distance
    When nostalgia goes too far back you get this episode of Twilight Zone tbh. It is a fantastic episode and pretty out there but hey. That's the twilight zone.
  3. Escape Clause
    This is probably the funniest episode I've seen so far. A hypochondriac sells his soul to the devil to live forever? Perfect.
  4. The Lonely
    This is a really sad episode but it's pretty out there and a really good topic. It surely left a lasting impression on me
  5. Perchance to Dream
    I just think the chick is really hot in this. That's all.
  6. Third from the Sun