movies i loved, and why

i really like to watch movies. and it's not hard for one to impress me. (not in order of faves or anything)
  1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
    every time I watch this movie it gets better. Holly Golightly is such a fun character. I love her.
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
    this is the movie I will show to future generations tbh. So many great quotes.
  3. Clerks
    funny. simple. fucking amazing. also a v important movie
  4. Big Hero 6
    this movie is great. so many lovable characters that I never knew I needed in my life.
  5. Pink Flamingos
    this fucking movie is insane. It's one of my mom's faves tho and telling her I saw it really changed our relationship omg.
  6. Funny Face
    this movie is so fun! I loved it. And I love Jo she was so cute.
  7. Clockwork Orange
    Awe shit a personal fave. I love clockwork Orange so much wow. Alex is fucking crazy and I fucking love it.
  8. Dumbo
    My favorite 2D animated Disney movie. I love cartoons and this is really one of the best.
  9. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    open the pod bay doors hal. i was mindfucked. That is all.
  10. The Graduate
    I like this movie because of how fucking real it is. Plastics. And once I quoted it it at a school dance and people laughed. They didn't even get it tho but they laughed. At a random movie quote. Gdi.
  11. Saved!
    awe man. Funny as shit but still a v amazing coming of age. It's really fucking good and I would put it on a list of movies to watch before you die.
  12. Superbad
    One of my favorite ppl showed me this movie and it was funny as shit thnx bro
  13. 10 Things I Hate About You
    I love this movie so fucking much. I can just watch this movie over and over again. Really fucking good.
  14. House of Yes
    Shit my top dream role is Jackie-O and Parker Posey played her so fucking well. It's a great fucking movie that gets better with every watch.
  15. The Crying Game
    this movie is so much more than what everyone remembers it for. It's not my usual type of flick but it really helped coax me out of my previous comedy-centric comfort zone
  16. Grandma
    Lily Tomlin. I wish she was my fucking grandma shit. It was a cute movie that pops into my mind occasionally. Wouldn't have a problem with watching it again honestly
  17. The Diary of a Teenage Girl
    Wow. So this movie is a really hard hitting fucking movie. It's super real too and so relatable even as a period piece.
  18. Moonrise Kingdom
    This is a great movie. I've watched it so many times and have never gotten tired of it. Another movie that I would tell everyone to watch before they die.
  19. The Way Way Back
    Another really real movie. If you can't tell by now, i really love coming of age films. This is another movie I've seen more times than I can count. If you haven't seen it. Change that.
  20. Room
    a great movie. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay were out of this world in this movie. I had high expectations for this movie and it even surpassed those.
  21. Blue is the Warmest Color
    I have been compared to Emma too many times in my life to leave this movie off the list lol. I love when I am tho so... it's a good movie and made me actually feel less gay. Idk how but it did.
  22. Four Rooms
    Ah man. I wasn't expecting this movie to be so good but fuck man it wowed me. It's really worth it. For sure.
  23. To Kill a Mockingbird
    Classic af.
  24. Kill Bill Vol. 1
    This movie is what got me into Tarantino. This movie is what made me start appreciating movies on a different level. Kill Bill Vol. 1 was my gateway drug.
  25. Kill Bill Vol. 2
    A sequel that doesn't fucking suck but instead rocks ass holy shit. This is a great fucking film too and I love Tarantino.
  26. It's a Wonderful Life
    I really need to rewatch this movie. I love it so much. I'll watch it around Christmas time right?
  27. Annabelle's Wish
    While on Christmas.... here is my fave animated Xmas movie
  28. Prancer
    And my fave live action Christmas movie.
  29. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    What can I say? I had an emo phase so...
  30. Ghost in the Shell
    A fucking legendary anime movie. I actually showed this to my mom so I've seen it in English and Japanese. I strongly prefer the Japanese but it's still fine in English. I really love this movie and the questions it brings up.