5 Random Photos HandPicked from my cell phone.

  1. Undoubtedly a loud and precious moment of grooming with our louder-than-a-rooster cat, Bel. She was named after the song Rebel Rebel by David Bowie, due to the gender confusion at the shelter. Nobody could tell if she was a boy or a girl. We call her Bel because Rebel Rebel by David Bowie is way too expensive to chisel into a tag at @petsmart.
  2. This appears to be a talented musician waving his fingers quickly and pointlessly over someone's piano.
  3. There she is. Man, I am a lucky dude.
  4. I am pretty sure that this is Robert Randolph playing with #theword at @mrsmalls.
    Fucking loved it.
  5. Ass pennies are the key to success. But, not here friend.
  6. I will look right through porch furniture to see my pretty cat.