I am an observant person who is easily annoyed by the stupidity of others
  1. Cheap lip balm
    It doesn't work don't do it. Please my insides are crying. Silently obviously.
  2. Stickers
    Hate everything about stickers and I am suspicious of anyone who likes stickers they are not ok
  3. Unglazed pottery
    Why would you choose to drink out a mug made of sandpaper? Why.
  4. Eyebrows
    Anyone who spends a minimum of half an hour on her makeup and does it well then feels the need to draw two black rectangles above her eyes should not be allowed to buy makeup. They can't be trusted
  5. People who are too healthy for cake
    That is not strength that is denying yourself one of the greatest things about adult life. There is no bond more sacred than the woman cake unconditional love.
  6. People who don't enjoy bubble wrap
    It makes me sad just thinking about these weirdos. What are you? I'm genuinely curious here