In no particular order
  1. Mork from Ork - with the rainbow suspenders and assorted pins on them
  2. Starfleet science officer - blue tunic, black go-go boots, tricorder and communicator
  3. Janis Joplin - with headband, madras blouse, leather+wood macrame belt, bell bottoms w/bandana patches
  4. Glinda the good witch
  5. The Canadian half of NAFTA (housemate was the Mexican half)
    The year NAFTA went into effect. I had a maple leaf painted on my face, wore a Maple Leafs hockey jersey, carried a bottle of maple syrup, and said "eh?" a lot.
  6. A run-on sentence
    Dressed in a tracksuit, sneakers, with words of a very long sentence printed out and taped onto my tracksuit.
  7. Freud's slip
    Plus slippers. Heels would've been too cliché