How do you...
  1. How do you pronounce cf.?
    I've always said "see ef" or "cross ref" but I'm wondering if there's some specific way to say it?
  2. How do you know how good at something you can become?
    Is there a point at which you can know that you won't progress or improve any more? Is there a time at which you should stop trying to get better at something because you're already as good as you'll ever be? Would we ever know when that is? And would it make a difference?
  3. How do you apply deck sealer?
    My front and back decks and stairs are sorely in need, so I really must figure this out this week.
  4. How do you prevent salt air corrosion on a Vespa?
    The Cape Cod climate is so hard on the chrome and the other rustable components.
  5. How do you break a sugar habit?
    I just read a recent study out of Oregon State Univ. that finds that mice eating sugar experience significant deficits in cognitive flexibility and short- and long-term memory. I really need to eliminate the sweets. (cf. my question above about trying to improve a skill 😬)