Taking time off before going to business school...
  1. Why am I up so early if I don't have to go to work?
  2. This 1030 am SoulCycle class is insanely crowded. Why are none of these people at work??
    Well, half of them are under 18 and weigh 3 pounds and apparently "schools out" or so the instructor keeps saying
  3. WHY is this nail salon so crowded? Doesn't anyone have a job??
  4. I can't even walk down the street, there are too many people
  5. I want to hang out with someone! But all my friends are at work! How can I befriend someone from the hoards of workless people living the dream, filling up SoulCycle classes and nail salons??
    Tips appreciated
  6. This is too overwhelming. I'm going to watch Netflix in bed.