Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
  1. Number of unread emails: currently 7
    It's drives me crazy when it's not zero but I often have 40-70 unread at any one time so 7 isn't bad!
  2. First app checked in the morning: Mail
    Followed by Instagram, Facebook, and if I'm feeling saucy I'll check the weather.
  3. Last app checked before bed: depends on the night but usually Instagram
  4. Most used app: according to my battery usage it's Facebook
  5. App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line: Snapchat
  6. Most essential app while traveling: Google maps
    And let's be honest...uber.
  7. Cities listed in weather app: Boston, NYC, and Madison, NH
  8. Favorite shopping app: Amazon
  9. Most recent Uber ride: from my apartment to my first ever paint night ($7.89)
  10. Favorite photo filter: #nofilter
  11. Favorite podcast: I don't listen to podcasts but I have a long list of ones I should listen to according to everyone in my life.
  12. Most surprising app you depend on: I don't think I depend on any one app. Google maps and safari maybe? My calendar?
  13. Person you FaceTime most often: my dad. He lives in FL and it's the best way for him to see my son.
  14. Most common Siri command: I don't use Siri. But I do have it programmed to an Australian male voice.
  15. Favorite emoji: hard to choose 😩🤗🤓🙄😏😬👯
  16. Favorite Instagram feed: U.S. Department of the Interior @usinterior
  17. Your most liked Instagram photo: a whopping 23 likes; a picture of my son holding a pumpkin while pumpkin picking from 2014
  18. Most listened-to artist on iTunes or Spotify: neither. I use Amazon music and Pandora at work.
  19. Your most re-tweeted tweet: I feel confident that none of my tweets have been retweeted more than 1x, if at all.
  20. Outgoing voicemail message: I use my cell for work so it's as casual as I think I can get without being overly professional: Hi, you've reached Lyndsey Alvarez. Please leave a message and I will call you back.
  21. App I wish someone would invent: one that just gives me a lot of money.