April 5
  1. Pharrell Williams
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    He's #1 because we're both HAPPY. Really though, N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes. And like every sick beat ever made. Oh and the hat. And the tuxedo shorts. This dude just does not give a sh*t.
  2. Judith Resnik
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    Badass astronaut who died when the space shuttle Challenger was destroyed.
  3. Christopher Reid
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    Kid N Play. No other explanation needed.
  4. Greg Mathis
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    This is THE Judge Mathis. Did you know President Obama asked him to be a part of "My Brother's Keeper" which is a program to empower young men of color. Super cool. (Thanks Wikipedia for keeping me informed).
  5. Booker T. Washington
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    A true honor to share a day with a man who dedicated his life to education and civil rights. Did you know his descendants asked for his medical records to be reviewed in 2006 in order to confirm how he died? (Hypertension and blood pressure that was more than twice what is considered normal. Again, thank you wiki).
  6. Bette Davis
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  7. Colin Powell
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    Not sure where to go with this one but I'm thrilled to share a special day with him.
  8. Gregory Peck
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    To Kill a Mockingbird, Moby Dick, How the West Was Won, The Omen. What an honor.
  9. Spencer Tracy
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    He dated Katharine Hepburn. So I basically share a birthday with her, too.
  10. Glenn Scobey "Pop" Warner
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    Cause why not?