1. Four years ago I experienced the most painful, indescribable, 8 hours and 25 minutes of my life.
  2. My water broke at 9pm on 4/19.
  3. For the following 3 hours, all my husband talked about was how I needed to wait to deliver until after 12am.
  4. Because having your son's birthday be 4/20 was way more important than just delivering the baby.
    "His birthday will be so awesome when he's older!"
  5. He wasn't supposed to be born until May 2nd so the prospect of having a 4/20 baby went straight to his head - without the help of marijuana.
  6. There was a time in my life when 4/20 was all about the annual Extravaganja festival in Amherst, MA.
    Smoke outside without getting in trouble with the law. Sure thang!
  7. But now it's about my son who, no matter how many times I ask him, won't stop growing and getting older.
  8. So cheers to a new 4/20 celebration.
  9. Here he is in bed on 4/19 - the last time I would ever see him at 3 years old.
  10. 🎈💚🎈💚🎈💚🎈💚🎈💚🎈💚🎈💚🎈💚