You have no idea how often I have to google what they say to a) make sure they're not being mean to me or someone else and b) so I know what the hell they're talking about.
  1. THOT
    that hoe over there
  2. Throw shade
    Dirty look
  3. Rash
    Tell off, call out, put down
  4. What are those?
    What you say to someone wearing un-cool shoes
  5. Left on read
    When you send someone a text message, you see that they read the message, but they don't respond. "He left me on read."
  6. Bye, Felicia.
    I felt really good about myself for knowing this and was proud that I could school them on the fact that it's not originally from a Vine.
  7. On fleek
    Flawless, perfect. Could be replaced with "on point."
  8. D
    Dick. Really original.
  9. Extra
    Over the top, dramatic
  10. Turn up/Turnt
    they use it to describe they're less than stellar behavior. "I'm gonna turn up in math class" "gonna go to ____ and get turnt"
  11. Thirsty
    Wants attention in a desperate kind of way
  12. Lit
    Another way they describe behavior even though it's usually to describe someone who is intoxicated.