Thanks for this request. I realize this may just have been a way to say thank you (?) but I'm going to run with it!
  1. As a middle school social worker I do a lot that goes without acknowledgment or thanks from the people I help.
    So thank you for your thank you!
  2. Teenagers 🙄
  3. Self-harm and suicide comes up more often than I ever realized it would when I started working with this age group.
  4. I find it's particularly hard for 7th graders.
    I also find that young adults, or old ones, who struggle with this have done so for a long time without getting the support that works best for them.
  5. I manage lots of different kinds of challenges and crises.
  6. Sometimes I get a thank you from a kid. Other times they show me their thanks through their behavior.
  7. Working with middle school students has put me on a new path to help youth manage their ever changing, roller coaster ride of emotions.
    It's different in a whole new way since I used to work with K-3 grade.
  8. I love this work.
  9. To be able share the resources I have with other people, especially here on @list, means a lot to me.
  10. So even though you don't think you were brave or worthy, I believe you are. I believe everyone is worthy of kindness and support and love even when they don't think they are.
  11. Never ever forget that YOU MATTER.
  12. 💜💙💚💛❤️