Some lists can be summed up exhaustively in one entry. Below are these.
  1. Things I'm trying desperately to forget.
    1.The sudden and thorough decline of Papa Roach in the mid 2000's.
  2. Groups of people that I have incredibly little in common with yet still want to hang out with at all times.
    1.The cast and crew of the movie Cool Runnings.
  3. The tone this list of sub-lists seems to be taking.
    1.Pining Nostalgia.
  4. Should you lower your music volume just a smidge when getting on a crowded bus?
    1.Just a smidge.
  5. Are list entries allowed to be questions?
  6. Have Papa Roach made their inevitable comeback to the pinnacle of musical greatness yet?
    1. I'm not sure,let me go check again.