Cat idioms that are baaad news for cats.

For some reason. the English vernacular HATES cats.
  1. Dead Cat Bounce
    Actual technical finance term to describe when a stock falls, rebounds slightly and then falls again. I feel like at least one Wall Street Psycho has tested this out before.
  2. Curiosity killed the cat.
    Such an unnecessarily harsh consequence for curiosity.
  3. "There's more than one way to skin a cat"
    What the fuck! Why do you even need one way?!
  4. "You couldn't swing a cat in here"
    Jesus christ...
  5. "The cat's pyjamas"
    Ok, this one's not so bad, but they should definitely be left to sleep in the nude.
  6. "I'd rather punch a cat in the face repeatedly than do X"
    I made this one up, but seriously, it's not even as bad as most of these.