Why I don't fear death.

  1. I'm essentially just a shape.
    At a molecular level, I am literally an arrangement of atoms. If you were to recreate this exact arrangement anywhere in the universe, at any time, that would also be "Andy" My memories, my "soul", my totally platonic obsession with dudes in good shape. It's just an arrangement.
  2. It's definitely happening.
    One day I will die. Shortly after, I will be totally forgotten. And that's perfectly ok.
  3. Determinism Vs.Chaos.
    If the universe is deterministic, then the script is already written and there is zero room for improv. I can't be held accountable if some Bro with rock hard abs and killer lats evokes within me feelings of admiration and awe. If randomness is the way of the world, then every action is just a lottery and causation means jack-shit, so it's impossible for me to predetermine the outcome of my actions.
  4. Ghost Poontang
    Really? You're gonna look at me like that? Acting like y'all haven't fantazised about gettin spooky with some FOINE spectral booty.