A visit to the CIA

Culinary Institute of America, that is.
  1. A lovely institution of learning located in Hyde Park, NY and a fabulous place for a meal.
    Reservations required for most eateries so if you're in the area, get out your phone in advance or drop in at the Apple Pie Bakery and Cafe (like I did)
  2. Upon entering the hall that houses the Apple Pie Bakery and Cafe (APB&C), you will find this lovely stained glass above the door
  3. So beautiful, right?
    But wait... It gets better
  4. The lunch side of the menu
    So many delicious choices...
  5. The breakfast and dessert choices
  6. My fabulous lunch choice
    Prosciutto di Parma on baguette w/basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, arugula & Manodori balsamic with a side of fresh, local greens w/roasted shallot vinaigrette
  7. My gorgeous daughter, Bryn, with her lunch choice
    Mac & Cheese. She's so happy about the Mac & Cheese!
  8. Nice artwork to check out while you dine
  9. Dessert is an impossibility to settle on
    So we didn't. We ate something there and got take home choices too, which I highly recommend.
  10. Bryn chose a chocolate chunk cookie
    She's a bit of a purist. And the cookie is actually THIS huge!
  11. I opted for the Espresso Creme Brûlée
    So freakin delicious.
  12. Take home choice for older daughter, Syd, was a chocolate cupcake
  13. Another pic of the beautiful cupcake
  14. Macarons also came home
    They come in the cutest tin!
  15. A close-up of these gorgeous bitches
    Devoured later that night...
  16. Farewell CIA and your beautiful fountain overlooking the Hudson River.
  17. I'm going back next Friday for lunch again...
  18. How do the students manage to NOT weigh 300 + lbs?