Dream Jobs

Ignoring skills, education, talent, connections and gender
  1. Professional athlete
    Curling would be the sport of choice, followed by NBA or MLB star
  2. Head Librarian in a major city
    NYC, Boston, LA, Vienna, London, Madrid
  3. Hairdresser to the Stars
    Preferably A listers with good hair. @mindy comes to mind.
  4. Fashion Knitwear Designer
    I love to knit. And I picture knitted red carpet looks for both gals and guys.
  5. Poet Laureate
  6. Trusted Advisor to Beyoncé
  7. Professional Chef/Restauranteur
  8. Financial Advisor to Bill Gates
  9. Zamboni Driver
  10. Head of Field Maintenance at Fenway Park
  11. Professional scorekeeper for an MLB team
    Red Sox would clearly be my first choice
  12. Grammar Guru
  13. Astronaut
  14. Director of the CIA
    I could really turn that bitch around