Interesting Death Facts

Learned while reading "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes..." by Caitlin Doughty
  1. Lithium batteries inside pacemakers explode in cremation chambers
    This is only legend/rumor since no one has ever left one in long enough to blow their face off.
  2. There is a name for the bone blender used to pulverize remaining bone fragments: The Cremulator
    It's a real blender, roughly the size of a crock pot. Margaritas anyone?
  3. Picking up a person who has died at home is known as a house call
    And I always thought house calls went the way of the 8 track tape.
  4. Dying in hospital generally means transport by hollowed metal cage
    Since corpses are unsightly, they place the body in the cage, then add a stainless steel top (or lid) and drape a sheet over the whole thing. The next time you see 2 full grown adults moving what looks like an unoccupied stretcher through the hospital halls, there's likely a caged corpse in there.
  5. Train conductors will involuntarily kill three people in their career
    Yikes! Does this make conductors serial killers or just unlucky folks?!?
  6. Embalming is pretty quick!
    From start to finish, you're looking at 3 - 4 hours. I imagine funeral homes are trying to shave even more minutes off body prep (so they can reduce expenses and increase the profit margin).
  7. Rogyapa is not a career choice for everyone
    A Rogyapa (or body breaker) is the person in Tibet who slices the flesh off a corpse and grind the remaining bones with barley flour and yak butter. They then lay the body out on a high, flat rock to be eaten by vultures.
  8. Walt Disney was NOT cryogenically frozen!
    He can be found at Forest Lawn. Along with Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Jean Harlow and Michael Jackson to name a few!
  9. "Setting the features" of a loved one can set you back
    Anywhere from $175 to $500 so that Mom looks peaceful rather than horrifyingly dead.
  10. Skin Slip is something you just have to accept when you're dead
    It's actually called desquamation and it's when gas and pressure build up in a decomposing body. The skin loosens and the top layer "slips away".
  11. Someone jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge about every two weeks
    No, not the same someone. A different someone every time. Because there's a 98% certainty you'll die if you try. You hit the water at about 75 mph, which likely shatters your ribs and punctures most of your internal organs. Hmmm
  12. A funeral director will put your head back together if you have an autopsy
    During autopsy, the brain is removed. An incision is made at the scalp line, the skin is pulled down and the skull is opened with an oscillating saw. After the brain is removed, the medical examiner sets the skull cap back on the head slightly askance and rolls the face back in place. The funeral director gets to do the cleanup and make the corpse look acceptable.
  13. Dead obese people smell the worst!
    Because they decompose at a faster rate.
  14. Dead people can't really hurt you.
    The bacteria involved in decomposition are not the same bacteria that cause disease. (But what about those pesky zombies??)
  15. Maggots...
    Their mouths allow them to breathe and eat at the same time. Cool, right?
  16. And a final happy thought: Life over 85 is not so cool (statistically speaking)
    There's a good chance you'll have some form of dementia and there's a 50/50 shot you'll be in a nursing home. Enjoy your day!