Low Rent, Easy to Assemble Halloween Costume Ideas

For those of us who put the hollow in "Hollow"-een. Or are cheap bastards. Or are never prepared early enough...
  1. Unwashed Acolyte
    This requires so little effort. Do not bathe, shower or sponge bath yourself. Wear robe of any variety. Shoes optional.
  2. Bag Lady/Man
    Find large, body sized bag. Don.
  3. Your Favorite Book (or music artist)
    Take piece of cardboard you find lying around. Write name of your favorite book (or artist) on it. Attach to front of self with string (or tape or whatever). Ta-da.
  4. Crazy Cat Person
    Carry your cat around with you all day. Affect insane look. (This should be easy for you because you'll be carrying around a cat all friggin' day)