Inspired by @ListPrompts. I do not remember my first day of school, but I remember my kids'.
  1. First day of kindergarten was preceded by orientation
  2. The kids (and their parents/guardians) got to meet their teacher and the building administrators
  3. Everyone also got to see the cafeteria, the gym and the library
  4. Everyone also got to ride the school bus
  5. The teacher told all the kids to bring their favorite stuffed animal to school the first day (to make them feel more comfortable and less lonely)
  6. So anyway...
  7. First day comes and we're at the bus stop with the favorite stuffed animal (whose name is Kony - pronounced Connie)
  8. Here's the photo of my daughter, Syd, posing as she gets on the bus
  9. So adorable, right??? So she realizes she has to actually GET ON the bus right after this picture is taken...
  10. She attempts to bolt.
  11. What you don't see next is a picture of me shoving her on the bus as she cries hysterically.
  12. She managed to return home happy as a clam later that day. I spent the day convinced she would hate me forever.
  13. Needless to say, we both survived. And she graduated this past June. Yay Syd!
  14. Here's a photo of us to prove it