Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Proust
    Marginal understanding at best. Never read him. But I talk a confident Proust game
  2. The advantages of zone vs. man-to-man defense in basketball
    I do understand basketball, but defense ain't my thing. But again confidence is key
  3. Tax preparation
    I don't understand it, nor do I wish to. But talk I will.
  4. Application of makeup
    It's clear I don't understand this because I look like a clown left out in the rain, but I can tell YOU what to do.
  5. What to do when the bottom drops out of your life
    I've led a charmed life(more or less) so I have no life experience with this, but I can confidently state what you should do when this happens to you
  6. How to cook and eat a whole lobster
    I only really know what to do with the tail if you bring it to me fully cooked
  7. Participating in any winter Olympic sport
    Boy do I "know" that shit
  8. World economies
    Nuff said, baby.
  9. Raising kids
    I have two and although I have no idea what really works, I make every effort to sound really knowledgeable (especially in front of said kids).
  10. Free Form Jazz
    Again, marginal knowledge, but can confidently discuss.