Inspired by @ListPrompts I've almost died a number of times so I'm either very lucky or I just notice imminent death more than others
  1. I ran out into the path of a fast moving car when I was 10.
    Of course, being young and invincible and self-centered, I thought this was funny and exhilarating.
  2. I was almost crushed under the freeway during an earthquake
    I was looking for an apartment in the Bay Area and had just gotten off the freeway when the big one hit in the 80s. I was directly below the catastrophe and watched all that concrete move like water. It was possibly the scariest moment of my life because when the dust settled there was chaos and misery and destruction everywhere.
  3. I ate squid in the Philippine Islands
    This is how I found out that I am deathly allergic to squid. Anaphylactic shock is no joke. It took a shot of adrenaline to the heart (a la Pulp Fiction) to revive me. Needless to say, no more squid.
  4. I flipped my car end over end 3 times
    I attempted to pass someone when I had limited sight lines. There was a oncoming car. I hit the brakes. They locked. I swerved off the road. Luckily! no one else was injured. I broke two vertebrae in my spine, cracked my sternum, and had temporary amnesia. It's no having the roof of your car peeled back like a sardine can or wearing a brace for a year. I am much calmer behind the wheel and I am eternally thankful that I didn't hurt/kill anyone else. PS All because I was late for a date.