My impression of @mindy based solely on the list she's posted
  1. Oh my gosh, I think she might be sick! Or a victim of kidnap!
    She hasn't posted since 12/1/15! I hope you're okay, Ms. Kaling!!
  2. She's a girly girl
    She likes being a female and she like feminine things (especially things with monograms)
  3. She's not afraid to call it like it is
    Women don't really like blowjobs. Yes, this ballsy babe will tell the truth.
  4. She's a sexual animal
    She loves sex. And she loves it many times in one day.
  5. She loves her family but she keeps them close to the vest
    She has only shown a very brief glimpse into her family (and he's adorable). I admire her for this.
  6. She's got style
    And she is willing to share beauty and fashion tips. Thank you!
  7. She worries about young women
    And wants them to have their eyes open about young men and their relationships with them.
  8. She enjoys a good nosh
    She loves meat and bagels and snacks and etc, etc, etc.
  9. She only works out so she can eat more
    I do too. That makes us soul sisters.