No introduction necessary
  1. Fresh corn on the cob
    Who the hell doesn't get happy when they eat a hot steamin' ear just dripping with butter and salt.
  2. A new book to fall in love with
    Once you find her (because all good books are women) you never want her to end. And you hope she has a daughter or sister or mother or even a second cousin that you will get to meet
  3. Mocking a film adaptation of a great book
    Who doesn't get happy when they can arbitrarily rip apart someone's monumental effort to stand up to a great book? P.S. Adaptations only succeed about 20% of the time, so good luck screenwriters.
  4. Liquor in my house
    No description necessary.
  5. Watching my kids succeed at something I suck at
    Well, this probably should have come first on the list....
  6. A working heating pad
    Okay, so I've got arthritis and a well placed heating pad goes a long way in creating happiness (on so many levels)