All quotes by @LizDawson
  1. When she got her arm caught in a bra strap hanging on a doorknob: "Mom I got my arm caught in a boobie trap."
    Age 5
  2. "I never touch boys because they are gross"
    Age 5
  3. "When you get married do you have to kiss the groom or can you just shake hands?"
    Age 5
  4. "How did God put a baby in your belly? Did he put his hand on your belly button?"
    Age 4
  5. "Mana was really angel food cake."
    Age 7
  6. "I want to die! Kill me now!" (About eating green beans.)
    Age 4, a little dramatic
  7. "Mommy, I take your voice away!" (She was unhappy with me and obsessed with the Little Mermaid.)
    Age 4
  8. "Mommy where will the baby come out of you?"
    Age 4, I panicked....but luckily she was impatient and added a follow up question...
  9. "Will it be at the Doctor's office or the hospital?"