Hubby and I were invited to a big birthday party for a friend in another city. Another friend in the same city invited us to spend the weekend at her house even though she and her husband would be out of town while we were there. This is how she was the perfect hostess in absentia:
  1. Email guest the electronic code to enter house without a key.
  2. Include instructions for operating thermostat.
  3. Also send names of friendly neighbors... just in case.
  4. Leave light on in entryway in event guests arrive later than planned.
  5. Leave note on kitchen island with wifi pass code and telling guests to have fun!
  6. Leave beautiful tray filled with goodies for guests.
    Wine & corkscrew, morning glory muffins, Trader Joe's ginger snaps, gourmet marshmallows, and your favorite cinnamon raisin bread.
  7. Better view of goodies
  8. Put freshly ground coffee beans next to the coffee maker.
  9. Put instructions for remote controls with each one- TV, cable, VCR
  10. Have plushy towels in bathroom and fresh linens on the bed and your guests will feel truly pampered!
  11. So grateful for such thoughtful friends.