For the last 3 years, I've given my 5th grade students the option to do a Secret Santa gift exchange, or to donate the money they would spend on Secret Santa to a charity. This year they chose to donate to World Vision
  1. World Vision supports children and families in need around the world
  2. Not only did they volunteer to donate their money, my students decided to hold a bake sale at school to raise more money
    I'm so proud of my kids!
  3. The bake sale raised $127
  4. The students told their parents about what they were doing, and their parents chipped in
  5. One student gave his own Christmas gift money from his grandparents
  6. Grand total collected: $467 What would have been a total $45 gift exchange was multiplied like fishes and loaves to be a blessing to many
  7. Here is what the students selected from the World Vision catalogue:
  8. Sheep
    One healthy ewe gives nutritious milk for essential protein, vitamins, and minerals, plus plenty of wool to knit warm sweaters and blankets
  9. Ducks
    Produce hundreds of nutritious protein-rich eggs
  10. Goat
    Nourishes a family with fresh milk, cheese, and yoghurt
  11. Chickens
    Produce 150 eggs/year which can feed a family and/or provide an income
  12. Pig
    One sow can produce 20 babies a year
  13. Rabbits
    Provide a source of food and income
  14. Share of an ox and plow
    Helps farmers be more productive
  15. Fish pond
    Provides nourishment for a community
  16. Seeds
    Drought-resistant and produce food for a family
  17. Soccer balls
    Will replace makeshift balls (banana leaves, trash); every child deserves the chance to play safely