5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. Downtown Nashville.
    I love the reflection on the Pinnacle building. Taken on a Sunday stroll
  2. First strawberry on my plant this year
  3. Manchester Park
    Another one of my favorite places to walk around on the weekends
  4. My newest kitty Ellyn.
    She has some issues right now. Her spay incision got infected so she has to wear the cone. And on top of that she is taking medicine for Giardia. At least she isn't showing symptoms of Giardia. She is a little trooper though. She loves carrying her little mouse around and bothering my other cat. Other names:Ellyn Page, Kitty Baby, Ellie Mae, Slagathor, Zeda, Frida Kahlo
  5. Eva Perón
    This is a pic of my other kitty Eva and my favorite leggings. She is whiney, beautiful, super soft, and super fluffy. She hates cuddling and basically just wants me to feed her and sleep on the couch all day. Occasionally she likes to play fetch with ponytails. Other names: Catlyn Meowlyn ( my name is Katelyn Moylan), Eve-y, Evita, kit kat, whiney kitty