1. Pam and Toby
    The Office
  2. Janitor and Blonde Doctor
  3. Babe and Jamie
    All my Children
  4. Jess and Sam
    New girl
  5. Winston and Bertie
    New girl
  6. Charlie and the waitress
    It's always Sunny in Philadelphia I know they never will but a girl can dream
  7. Dev and Rachel
    Master of None It's still early maybe they'll get back together
  8. Jackie and Hyde
    That 70s show
  9. Barney and Robin
    How I met your mother Not because I like them as a couple purely because then Ted wouldn't have ended up with Robin. Booo.
  10. Rori and Dean
    Gilmore Girls I am still in love with Dean
  11. Charlie and Claire
    Lost I know they didn't break up but I'm still heartbroken about his death
  12. Phoebe and David the scientist guyj
  13. Ron and Tammy 2
    Parks and Rec