Tea currently in my cabinet

  1. Numi Moroccan Mint tea
    I just bought this the other day haven't had a chance to try it yet but it smells awesome. I got it because it's supposed to be better for the environment and doesn't have a bunch of pesticides.
  2. Lipton
    I don't know if this has another name. I just call it Lipton. This is what i drink the most. UNSWEET ice tea because that's how I was raised.
  3. Lipton Natural Energy
    Tried this as a coffee substitute in the mornings. Did not work at all. I'm slowly trying to get rid of it
  4. Lipton Berry Hibiscus
    I love drinking this iced with lemon.
  5. Lipton Green Tea Purple Açai Blueberry
    I got this because I like drinking it at Panera. It's also delicious
  6. Celestial Chai Tea
    No tea stash is complete without chai tea. I just like smelling it too.
  7. Ahmad Tea Mango Magic
    Bought at a British shop in Lawrence. I miss Lawrence.
  8. Apple Cinnamon Ceylon Tea
    Stole this from my mom because I liked the box. Tea is just alright. I'd rather drink apple cider from the Louisburg Cider mill though.
  9. Cozy chamomile herbal tea
    I actually hate chamomile tea. I just got this from a friend in a care package.
  10. Matte leão
    This might be my favorite tea to drink hot. Got it from my Brazilian friend. I need to find some more because this is my last packet :(