1. Falling down a sewer hole
    Not the man holes on the road. It's just the ones on the sides of the curb. Reason: My mom told me "Don't fall in" every time we passed by one as a child.
  2. Someone breaking into my apartment to murder me
    This isn't a oh i think I'm gonna die in a burglary gone wrong. I worry that someone is just breaking in to kill me. I have been worrying about this since I was 8 or 9. Also I grew up in rural Kansas which makes it a little more ridiculous. Reason: watching too many crime shows.
  3. Matches catching on fire in a drawer
    I prefer to store matches in a jar or metal container instead of just a wooden kitchen drawer. Reason: uh fire duh.
  4. Stoplights that hang on cables falling on my car when it's windy
    Reason: they swing around too much
  5. My cat getting Feline Leukemia
    She's been vaccinated and is an indoor only cat but I still worry about it. Reason: my friends' cat died from it