Inspired by @Kio
  1. 3
    I'll start with three because I don't remember anything from when I was two and below... I still don't remember anything from this age.
  2. 4
    Started school
  3. 5
    Had chicken pox and it was the worst ☹️
  4. 6
    I played as Little Red Riding Hood's grandma at a school play. I basically did nothing but wait for the wolf. Also, my mom gave birth to my little sister 😊
  5. 7
    First grade at an all girls school. It was fun studying with nuns.
  6. 8
    My classmates and I saw the end of a rainbow near the chapel of our school, and it was incredible. We didn't go near, though, fearing that we might get sucked into another dimension (I truly regret this decision). Also, there was no pot of gold.
  7. 9
    My grandmother from my mother's side died. A few weeks later, we attended another funeral, and it was my grandpa's from my father's side.
  8. 10
    Changed hand towels to hankies ❤️. Also the age when I met my dog best friend ❤️
  9. 11
    Became friends with my best friends today 😍. Also, an addition of another dog best friend in the family ❤️
  10. 12
    We lost the cheerdance competition to the 5th graders, which was kind of a big deal because of the heated rivalry between our batches.
  11. 13
    Freshman year and got braces. In our country, we have six years of elementary school and then four years of high school. Still at the all girls school (Yeah, I never left) and made new, amazing friends.
  12. 14
    Finally let my hair down. Felt comfortable around my classmates already because we were all together since elementary.
  13. 15
    Had an amazing trip to Spain with my big sister, best friend, and friends. We attended the World Youth Day at Madrid and stayed in the country for two weeks. We traveled to Avila and Salamanca, and also crossed borders to Fatima, Portugal after the event.
  14. 16 ❤️
    Senior year was the best. By the end of the year, I already decided where I was going to for college and what to take up, and it was exciting and terrifying at the same time.
  15. 17
    Freshman year in college! I'm taking up engineering so the first term was a whole new experience being classmates with guys, but I managed. 😁
  16. 18
    For Christmas, my father let me drive to this famous mountain resort, and it was awesome.
  17. 19
    Kinda want to be 25 and have work already, but I don't want to grow old at the same time.