I'm not really good with people, and I have like 20% social skills, so when faced this problem these are the things that go inside my head:
  1. Did she/he see me?
    Do I have a weird stare? Am I staring at you too much? Please acknowledge me.
  2. If no, should I at least say hi? Or should I just continue like I've noticed nothing?
  3. If yes, should I smile or wave at her/him?
    In my rule, they should acknowledge me first. I learned this the hard way when...
  4. Oh my god, she/he saw me and I smiled first but she didn't smile back
    This is when I die of shame after. This happened to me a year ago at school. I saw a friend from a class I attended few terms back and I wanted to let her know that I still know her, so there I was smiling like an idiot and I actually waved at her direction, but I got nothing back from her. 😓
  5. She/he smiled back. Cool.
    I love you and you will be my friend forever.
  6. She/he sees me but does nothing.
    Totally going to ignore you forever. But wait, maybe she/he is like me who's waiting for who goes first, so I smile at her/him and it is given back. Awesome.