1. Lys
    People from my high school mostly call me this. I don't get why my college friends don't use this. I mean, it's the shortest you can get from Alyssa.
  2. Isay
    This is the nickname my parents gave me, which is weird because it's not so common and it doesn't sound so nickname-y to me (btw, I'm from the Philippines and I can only count people I know with the same nickname with one hand). My best and closest friends call me this too.
  3. Say
    Rhymes with lie. A shorter version of Isay. One time a friend from college asked me if she could call me this and I said no. I felt like we had to be really close first, which led her to calling me...
  4. Lysse
    Lie-sé. Weird. She's the only person calling me this, but although it's completely different, I like that she gave me another name. Still, I don't know why she didn't just use...
  5. Lysa
    I'd call me Lysa. Some people use this too but the most common one I hear is Lys.