I'm joining this organization at school and apparently, all applicants have to show one talent before getting in and I have nothing up my sleeve.
  1. Playing the piano (or any kind of instrument)
    Never really had the time to practice. I asked my father once when I was a kid to buy me a keyboard so I could learn but he didn't get me one. In high school, we were taught how to play the guitar but I was crappy at it plus my fingers are too tiny, it was difficult for me to position them on the strings.
  2. Sports
    I want to at least have one sport I could be good at, but I hate too much physical activity and sweating. Equestrian sounds nice but I've never ridden a horse.
  3. Singing
    Hopeless case for me.
  4. Art
    Have you seen those amazing drawings on Tumblr? Yeah, I wish mine were as good.