What were you attached to as a child?
  1. My bunny
    A stuffed animal that my mom had received for Valentine's Day that I claimed as my own as a toddler. It went everywhere with me. Even though it had a smile on its face, I always thought its eyes looked like they were crying so I was always hugging/trying to comfort it. I still have it in storage for safe keeping. It is a little discolored but still in decent shape.
  2. My burpee
    Most kids get attached to their blankets, but my siblings and I got attached to our burp rags. My mom would have one that she used when she was feeding us and a clean one that we would carry around and sleep with. I laid mine on my pillow and flipped it over in the middle of the night to get the cool side. Once when my sister was a toddler, she saw me dusting with an old one of my brothers and screamed bloody murder as she thought I was using hers.
  3. My corn popper
    There's was no sound more addictive than this.
    Suggested by @BrentMWiggins