My hair is not perfect, but I feel like I finally have a routine down to where it is no longer crunchy or too frizzy.
  1. Dry cuts
    My hair stylist cuts my hair when it is dry since each of my curls are different and fall differently. She then washes and styles it to look for any others that need to be trimmed.
  2. Conditioner only
    I usually only use conditioner in my hair each day when I wash it as curly hair is normally dry. Once every 2 weeks I'll use Deva Curl No Poo but not always.
  3. Don't use a brush
    I use my fingers or a wide tooth comb to work any tangles out of my hair with conditioner while I'm showering.
  4. Air dry
    Or use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry. I normally put a few hair pins around the crown of my scalp to help add volume and prevent my hair from drying flat on top.
  5. Avoid heat
    Goes along with the air drying. I've never been able to get diffusers to work correctly for me so I don't use a hair dryer. I used to straighten my hair often but have only done it a handful of times in the past 3 years as it's so bad for my hair, and I now prefer my curls.
  6. Deva curl products
    I used to buy the cheapest drug store hair products I could find as I've never liked spending money on beauty products. I finally decided to splurge a few years ago and try Deva Curl products, and I'm hooked. I love their One Condition, Frizz Free Volumizing Foam and Supercream.
  7. SLAPS
    Satin lined caps. Great for sleeping in or I use as a winter hat as they don't leave my hair frizzy like most of my other winter hats made out of knitted fabrics.