1. Homemade oatmeal buns, kringla and lefse
    All made by my stepdad's mom. She makes it a point to send a zip lock bag home with my stepdad full of buns and kringla when she knows I'm home visiting. She serves all of these things for lunch on Christmas.
  2. Sugar cookies
    My mother-in-law makes cut out cookies once a year, and they're fantastic. I usually make it a point to stop in at my childhood friend's parent's home too and eat her mom's sugar cookies with the best sugar cookie frosting.
  3. Ham and dumpling soup
    The best comfort food made by my Grandma. We do a variety of soups for our Christmas because our family is so large, and soup is easy. This is the most popular one served.
  4. Green bean casserole
    Fitting the Midwestern stereotype of loving casseroles. This is another comfort food that my other grandma makes along with mashed potatoes and gravy for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's just green beans, a bunch of cream of mushroom soup and fried onions but it makes me happy.
  5. Bing bars
    I don't ever find myself craving a store bought bing candy bar, but my aunts make homemade bing bars for our Christmas. They're usually the first sweets to leave the table.
  6. Cranberry anything!
    Dips, drinks, desserts. You make it. I'll eat it.
  7. Shiner Holiday Cheer
    Already purchased a 6 pack and enjoyed a few while decorating for Christmas.