How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

  1. Make some cocoa.
  2. Turn on some Christmas music.
  3. Scour Pinterest for decoration inspiration.
  4. Realize you don't want to spend money on new decorations or time on DIY project so bring up the same decorations you've been using from storage.
    Convince yourself that you'll look at what is on clearance when Christmas is over so you can decorate with something new next year and promise to set more time aside for DIY projects. Know deep down this will never happen.
  5. Set up the tree and pat yourself on the back for investing in a pre-lit tree so you don't have to mess with untangling lights.
  6. Cover the tree with ribbons, ornaments and garland of your choosing.
  7. Step back numerous times to get a full view in order to ensure you have the right ratio of ornaments on the tree.
  8. Get frustrated with your tree topper not staying in place and decide dachshund ornaments are an acceptable alternative.
  9. Enjoy the finished project with a drink or two.